English has always been and is a part of my life

Interesting facts about me:

  • Studied in France (got the Diploma de Brevet) and graduated school in England. I have the GCSE Certificate of Secondary Education (Winchester, England);
  • Graduated the European University, the faculty: Management of Foreign Affairs. Master Degree.
  • Got an office-job at 18, thanks to my English knowledge;
  • Have experience in commercial sphere. I know how to use Business English in practice.
  • Took a TESOL Course (Teaching English to Speakers of other languages);
  • Personally helped to develop language skills to more than 100 students;
  • I’m sure the language needs to be improved all the time
  • Don’t believe in competition between the tutors as we’re all unique and each of us can attract his own clients;
  • My main goal is to make the learning process as interesting and efficient as possible for my students

In 2017, I’ve decided to create my online Center “CleverTeachers”.
Why is it called “Clever Teachers”?
In my opinion, we all need such “language coachers” who find the best approach to us and the best solution to reach our goal while learning a foreign language.
I consider the ability to teach others being a calling..

Why should you study with me?

  • I personally check your level of English.
  • I personally create an individual flexible program for you. I’m flexible and am able to change the program any time to make it efficient. Not using only English books all the time.
  • I’m sure the result is a part of mutual work in a team between a tutor and a student.
  • I was recommended to most of my students as a tutor to study with.
  • I’m interested in quality not in quantity. The quality of my teaching service is my focus.
  • You can learn with me: individually on Skype or on Telegram, What’s up, Viber with my guidelines.
  • You’re welcome to subscribe to my Youtube channel and learn English there

I’m happy to invite you to my courses which are practical and individual for every student!

Let’s reach your English goals together!

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